My concept of combining FB / IG post & stories with relatively the same amount of work. This was a 2 hour job but I had to source the assets.
You could also have the “story” as the left side of the FB/IG post and a sponsor (Heinz) as the right.

I took a post from The Depot and made a couple of tweaks. Reframed the food photo, opened up the text graphics over the image and, most importantly, made adjustments to the food photo to make the food more inviting. In all, about 2 minutes of work on the photo adjustments.

Their graphics and food photo. (Never use a black heading on Easter).

My graphics, their food photo. Brighter and better balanced graphics.

My graphics, their food photo with my photo adjustments.

Website ReDesign

A quick re-design of The Depot’s website. Need to tweak the mobile version, but this was about 2 hours work. (Both images link to sites).

Current Website
The current site is using a YouTube video as the background.
My ReDesign: 2 Hours
I changed the background to an image slider.